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Rule 1: Don’t let someone be too important in your life.
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Is it true that straight boys eat footballs for breakfast

yeah everyday, the leather makes them feel more secure about their inability to satisfy women

"men don’t ever face sexism."

wow gee i’m sorry that this joke reduced your pay and made you way more at risk of sexual assault because men face sexism


this is my argument when people are like “models are ugly without makeup” bc like… you’re so wrong


this is my argument when people are like “models are ugly without makeup” bc like… you’re so wrong

  • Me:

    oh thats cute

  • *checks price tag*

  • Me:

    no its not

Stop setting yourself

on fire for someone who

stays to watch you burn.

Haiku on Perspective (via dolljpg)


Pros and cons of boys:

  • Con: They’re dicks
  • Pro: Their dicks

Grammar is important here.


RIP to all those who didn’t make it to 2014. And to those that did; I’m so, so proud of you.

I didn’t even try to scroll past this


feminist marina is the best marina


feminist marina is the best marina






I’m so done with this planet

she saved two lives and all they care about is her nipple.

this is sexism, my friends.

This is just fucking ridiculous! I’m sure the last thing she gave a shit about was her nipple coming out while she was SAVING HER CHILD AND THEIR NANNY! 

Gotta love he fact that the story is about the nip slip and not the rescue.  The rescue is just an afterthought.




So many of you are too young to remember why Diana, Princess of Wales, was such a remarkable person.  She pissed off most of Buckingham Palace, was her own woman, and wasn’t afraid to get down out of the motorcade and be with the regular people.

She was a regular person, just with a title and fancy clothes.  

Among the first big “names” to visit, talk to, and even touch those dying of AIDS in English hospitals, Diana’s trademark was her ability to break down insurmountable barriers.

I was babysitting my little brother and sister. They were already asleep. I remember watching MTV as Kurt Loder reported it on MTV News. I was in 7th grade. My friend Savannah and I stared in horror as tear streamed down our faces. We couldn’t believe it.


I love this


I love this